Shinhyup Electronics provides quick responsiveness and solutions through continuous technological research with the differentiated technology and incessantly challenging mindset.

Single-sided, Double-sided, Metal, Fpcb integrated solution provider
Urgent production of single-sided samples is possible.

Product Family

Shinhyup Electronics joins you customers with our vision as a specialized circuit board producer.
Quality Policy

Our goal is to secure customer trust by fulfilling total quality management.
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Certification Status

We own various technologies based on the technology that has been accumulated for 30 years.
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Ethical Management

Shinhyup’s first and foremost priority is quality production that can satisfy customers.
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We strive to become a company where people become the source of competitive advantages   focused on people, the driving force behind innovation and creation, with expansion of long-term people-focused management.


Shinhyup Electronics continues to grow through development of new PCB technology for automobile electronic equipment / for home electronic appliances & IT / for medical service.


Shinhyup Electronics always seeks to provide only reliable products for customers.

We endeavor to move up the sustainable future by deploying eco-friendly business structure.

We are a company specializing in PCB production on which we have focused for 30 years.

We are involved in various research efforts including Silver Jump Screen-printing and Siver Through, etc.

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