Ethical Management

Quality production that can satisfy customers
Establishment of Quality Assurance System

Shinhyup Electronics Co., Ltd. will do our best to make sure our products delivered to customers will comply with the defined requirements and meet functional requirements specified on contracts. As specified on this manual, the company has established its quality assurance system 150 9002(1998)KS A 9002(1998).

We only provide the best products.

CEO declares the company’s quality policy that we will only provide the best products required by customers through continuous development based on stability, reliability and technology of the products. All the organizations and employees involved with this quality assurance system should understand, carry out and maintain the requirements of the system.

Managing Director designated as Management substitute

CEO designates Managing Director as Management substitute to ensure the requirements of the quality system will be fulfilled and maintained.

Execution of Quality System

CEO has responsibility and authority to resolve nonconformities that Managing Director cannot resolve. However, solutions for such issues must not violate the quality assurance manual and contractual requirements.