CEO’s Message

주식회사 신협전자 대표이사 조형준
주식회사 신협전자 대표이사 조형준
CEO Jo Hyeongjun, Shinhyup Electronics Co., Ltd.

We truly thank our customers for your great interest in Shinhyup Electronics.

Nice to meet you. We are also thankful that you have visited our Shinhyup Electronics website.

Shinhyup Electronics has focused only on circuit board production for computer monitors and automotive dashboard for 30 years since its establishment in 1987.

We have concentrated only on our goal of satisfying our customers with good quality, seeking to provide only reliable products for customers.

We truly promise that we will continue to meet customers’ product and quality requirements.

Thank you.

주식회사 신협전자 대표이사 조형준